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Roth IRA Distributions: Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

Tuesday, April 28 2020

With Christmas in the rearview window, the Cutter family leapt into 2020 with renewed energy and enthusiasm. For Sophie and...

Financial Planning in A Recession: Managing Downside Risk

Friday, April 24 2020

You know, in light of the dramatic events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many, if not most of us, have begun...

The Student Loan Crisis

Friday, April 17 2020

It is hard to believe that I have been in private practice now for about twenty years.  In that time, I...

A Certified Financial Planner . . . The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Friday, April 10 2020

I have always been a reader. I like it. One of the benefits of being stuck in the house for...

The CARES Act and SBA Programs Whitepaper

Monday, April 6 2020

Now Is the Time!

Friday, April 3 2020

In the past, when I’ve been stressed out or troubled about some impending problem, I’ll sometimes glance over at my...