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Difficult Times Practical Lessons

Difficult Times . . . Practical Lessons

Friday, August 7 2020

The pandemic has had a significant negative impact on income, and as a result, how we save and invest. A strategy that factors downside risk can help.

stepping into retirement early

Stepping into Retirement Early

Friday, July 31 2020

Sometimes major life events can cause you to reassess your retirement plans. A flexible financial plan should adapt to your timeframe, budget and income.


Be Frugal . . . But Never Cheap!

Friday, July 24 2020

Discount online brokerages and easy to use apps don't replace the value presented by a trusted financial advisor - someone to look out for your needs.

optimistic pessimistic or realistic

Optimistic or Pessimistic? How About Realistic

Friday, July 17 2020

When it comes to your financial system, managing risk realistically can be the difference between success and failure.

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse . . . What You Need to Know

Friday, July 10 2020

The "zombie apocalypse" isn't real but your financial well-being during a downturn certainly is. Be prepared for the inevitable with savings and a plan.

Strategy vs Predictions

Strategy Versus Predictions . . . Always the Right Choice

Friday, July 3 2020

New apps and services make it easy to lose money on bad investments. Instead rely on a sound investment strategy that incorporates downside risk management.