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Marriage . . . It’s a Full Time Job!

Some key stressors in marriage often include raising children, potentially differing family values, busy daily schedules, etc. Add in money problems, and things can get difficult fast since money and emotion are often closely intertwined.

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Weighing The Costs of ESG Investing

What does it take for us to be truly happy in life? Of course, “happiness” is subjective but many studies have been done to help answer the question of money and how it relates to our happiness.

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Like the Roth IRA? Beware the 5-Year Rule

If you have money in your company’s 401k or in a traditional IRA, you may be considering converting these funds into a Roth IRA now while tax rates are historically low. The idea is that if you pay income tax on your retirement money now – especially when many account balances are significantly down – future gains in the Roth are tax free. But you need to understand the 5-year Rule.

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Financial Strategies To Help You Get Ahead in 2023

As the saying goes, “Out with the old and in with the new”. With each year comes the ability to learn from the past and make the next year even better. And while we may not have control over the markets or inflation, that doesn’t mean we still don’t have opportunities to boost our finances in 2023.

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