Women’s Month!

Women's Month

While women have made huge strides to improve financial parity with men, they lag way behind in retirement account value and other important metrics.

There Is Hope During A Job Loss

Hope during job loss

Personal economic setbacks can present opportunities if you know where to look for them, starting with your financial systems.

Investing Advice for Couples

As you may know, we’re a family business. Maeve, our oldest, who has been our “Chief Landscaper” for years is going off to college. So, her younger sisters, Phoebe and Sophie, will have some tough shoes to fill when it comes to cutting our 15’x15′ front lawn. Jill, our “Chief Everything Officer”, has been our […]

Financial Lessons I Have Learned from Falmouth Softball

I love spring. Daffodils sprout their beauty; birds are back to performing Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons;” and the Falmouth High School Softball team once again takes the field. The girls have really found their rhythm as a team. They’ve evolved from not winning a game for years to making it to last year’s state tournament. Amy […]