Should You Give or Lend?

Woman sititng on the floor fanning out $900 in $100 bills

The IRS views gifts and loans differently for tax and gifting purposes and you need to understand the difference before writing that check.

Kids . . . They are Expensive!!

Luckily, parents don’t need to “save up” hefty figures before they have children, but they certainly should consider these long-term costs and ensure they are ready – both mentally and financially – before committing to parenthood

I Inherited an IRA. What Should I Do Now?

There are specific rules that you need to follow depending on what IRA type you inherit and what type of beneficiary you are. Your distribution options will vary as well.

The State of Retirement in America

retirement factors

In addition to COVID, there are other factors causing folks to re-think retirement. So, this week, I’d like to discuss a few of these to help you understand key challenges to a successful retirement.