Traditional Retirement Planning and Annuities

Today’s low interest rate environment makes annuities more attractive than bonds. While annuity payouts have dropped because of low rates, alternative strategies such as bond ladders, have been hit harder.

Avoiding The Retirement Crisis

Social Security is a cornerstone of many retirees’ planned income stream, but it’s only one part of a sound retirement system.

Retiring Early: Pros and Cons

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Retirement looks different to everyone. Whatever your plan, it’s essential to build a sound retirement system that factors risk, changing expenses, and what you need for your newest adventure.

Women’s Month!

Women's Month

While women have made huge strides to improve financial parity with men, they lag way behind in retirement account value and other important metrics.

Talking About Money Is Romantic

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Open and honest communication wlth your spouse about money and financial goals is a cornerstone to a healthy and happy relationship.

Shifting Financial Attitudes

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An outdated approach to investing may expose you to greater risk. Learn how downside risk mitigation modeling may help.

Removing Retirement Roadblocks: Financial Inventory and Debt Reduction

I love the “Shoulder Season” on Cape Cod. We can enjoy warm summer-like weather without the crushing crowds of high summer. It seems like Falmouth and all the other towns on the Cape use this time of year to do essential road projects that would create utter chaos during the summertime. Sometimes I like to […]