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Don’t Make 2023 a Could of . . . Would of . . . Should of . . . Year!

As I read the news headlines each day, I’m noticing a common theme lately. One that suggests that our current economic climate is impacting the middle class much more than the wealthy or those less fortunate. The articles cite examples, such as smaller paycheck increases and the rising costs of items that middle class consumers purchase the most. And the middle class is much bigger than you might think.

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Why 2022 Was Wall Street’s Worst Year In 15 Years

Unfortunately, 2022 provided us with plenty of learnings that we could do without. Last year was perhaps the most turbulent year investors have ever seen, and for good reason. Up until 2022, the markets were on a three-year winning streak, making 2022 that much more painful.

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A Letter To My Girls

Let me start by saying that being financially successful does not involve magic or secret formulas. Rather, it is the result of being disciplined with your money. It means setting a budget so that you spend wisely and are consistently investing money for your future. 

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