Traditional Retirement Planning and Annuities

Today’s low interest rate environment makes annuities more attractive than bonds. While annuity payouts have dropped because of low rates, alternative strategies such as bond ladders, have been hit harder.

Happiness In Retirement

French Bulldog with ball

A fixed-index annuity can help retirees create measurable and predictable income in retirement, like the pensions our parents had.

You Cannot Run Out of Gas in Retirement!

I will bet we can all recall a time in our past that we found ourselves driving down the road at night, miles from the next exit, only to glance down at the fuel gauge and be seized with panic . . . it’s on empty! Then we start to do some quick mental calculus […]

Ringing in the New Year with a Gift from Congress – The SECURE Act

I have tried over the years to teach my kids simple life lessons. Lessons such as, “Kids, there are no short cuts in life.” Or, “The road to success only comes through the desire to be successful, the determination to find a way to achieve success, and the dedication to see it through.” Or how […]