Hey Massachusetts, How About a Tax Refund!

It’s been said, “A penny found is better than a penny earned – because a penny earned is taxed”. I can’t argue with that. But how about if it’s in the form of a tax refund? 

Should You Give or Lend?

The IRS views gifts and loans differently for tax and gifting purposes and you need to understand the difference before writing that check.

Forgive the Loan – or the Interest?

Potentially forgiving student loans is a controversial topic these days. I’ve weighed in before on the current administration’s proposals and ideas. There are additional financial consequences to this proposal for the borrowers, too.

I Inherited an IRA. What Should I Do Now?

There are specific rules that you need to follow depending on what IRA type you inherit and what type of beneficiary you are. Your distribution options will vary as well.

Biden’s Proposal to Tax the Rich

tax the rich

This week I dig into some of the key points of the Biden tax proposal to help you better understand if – or how – you might be affected.