Teaching Retirement

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When it comes to spending down retirement assets, timing is everything. Your strategy will depend on where your assets are located, tax liability, and other considerations.

Avoiding The Retirement Crisis

Social Security is a cornerstone of many retirees’ planned income stream, but it’s only one part of a sound retirement system.

Stepping into Retirement Early

stepping into retirement early

Sometimes major life events can cause you to reassess your retirement plans. A flexible financial plan should adapt to your timeframe, budget and income.

Avoid Panic When It Comes to Your 401(k)

Stock market uncertainty can lead to emotional investing. Financial professional Jennifer Farrington, Ph.D., shared her thoughts with U.S. News & World Report @USNews about avoiding panic when it comes to your 401(k). https://money.usnews.com/money/retirement/401ks/articles/how-to-avoid-panicking-when-your-401-k-is-down #RetirementPlanning  This article is intended to provide general information. It is not intended to offer or deliver investment advice in any way. […]

What to Do if Your Employer Freezes Your Pension

In the Cutter house, Christmas is a big deal. Even as teenagers, the girls get so excited to decorate the house with Christmas knick-knacks, and put up the tree. And, of course, it’s a month of anticipation about what they’ll find under the tree on Christmas morning. It even seems like the bickering and arguing […]

How Much Can You Save? Retirement Contributions Compared

Someone once said, “Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials – much to live on and much to live for.” I’m not sure who said this, but these words perfectly sum up why I do what I do every day; helping folks retire with not only enough money, but with a sense of purpose […]