Traditional Retirement Planning and Annuities

Today’s low interest rate environment makes annuities more attractive than bonds. While annuity payouts have dropped because of low rates, alternative strategies such as bond ladders, have been hit harder.

Teaching Retirement

Senior Student

When it comes to spending down retirement assets, timing is everything. Your strategy will depend on where your assets are located, tax liability, and other considerations.

Revisiting The 4% Rule

Retirees concerned about money

The “4% rule” has long been a benchmark for how retirees can safely spend down their accounts. Like any rule of thumb, it’s a guideline – not an immutable law.

The “Grey Divorce”

The Grey Divorce

A “grey divorce” – one that happens later in life – can be hugely disruptive. Work with a financial planner to shrink that “degree of losing.”

2021 . . . What if?


No one could have foreseen what was to come this time last year. Make sure your retirement system is resilient where it needs to be to help ride out future uncertainty.

Holiday Gifting Within Your Plan

Holiday Gifting Within Your Plan

When gifting your estate assets to your family, make sure consider your own retirement income needs and potential tax liabilities for you and the receiver.

The Pandemic Parent’s Crisis

The pandemic is forcing parents to reassess career and life goals as they attempt to navigate a new normal for remote learning for their kids.

There Is Hope During A Job Loss

Hope during job loss

Personal economic setbacks can present opportunities if you know where to look for them, starting with your financial systems.