The High Cost of “Adulting”

With record inflation and almost prohibitive housing prices, more young adults are choosing to live at home with their parents. At least until the economy improves.

Who Wants To Be A Massachusetts Millionaire?

Massachusetts millionaire

Consider the fact that Massachusetts has the second highest average annual wage in the US, coming in at $93,675 vs the United States’ average of $69,392, this will affect more people than you might think₁.

Don’t Make 2023 a Could of . . . Would of . . . Should of . . . Year!

As I read the news headlines each day, I’m noticing a common theme lately. One that suggests that our current economic climate is impacting the middle class much more than the wealthy or those less fortunate. The articles cite examples, such as smaller paycheck increases and the rising costs of items that middle class consumers purchase the most. And the middle class is much bigger than you might think.

Why 2022 Was Wall Street’s Worst Year In 15 Years

Unfortunately, 2022 provided us with plenty of learnings that we could do without. Last year was perhaps the most turbulent year investors have ever seen, and for good reason. Up until 2022, the markets were on a three-year winning streak, making 2022 that much more painful.

The Value of Saving For Retirement in Your 20s

One of the first steps you should take when you first start out is to create a budget. This helps create a  plan you can stick to and will ideally ensure that you’re putting money aside, too.

Finances Are Taking a Beating from Inflation

Two hands protecting a small house behind stacks of coins

Folks, there’s no magical formula or strategy that will make us inflation-proof, and we all know that we can’t control the markets. But you can control to some degree what you spend and save.

Inflation or Recession – Which is Worse?

Overhead interstate sign that says Heading for recession? with a sunset in the background

Lately, it’s hard to watch the news or go online without seeing two popular buzzwords being tossed about – inflation and recession. Many ask, which one is worse? How worried should I be? Or even – what do they mean and how are they different?

Inflation – Could the Fed be Wrong Again?

Spreadsheet in the background with coins, up arrows, and dollar signs in the foreground

Recently, I’ve had a few folks ask me about inflation, given how high it is right now and how much airtime the media is giving it. Inflation – at least as we’re currently experiencing – is an issue that doesn’t seem to have one clear, specific root cause, despite what you may hear from media pundits.