Finances Are Taking a Beating from Inflation

Folks, there’s no magical formula or strategy that will make us inflation-proof, and we all know that we can’t control the markets. But you can control to some degree what you spend and save.

Inflation or Recession – Which is Worse?

Lately, it’s hard to watch the news or go online without seeing two popular buzzwords being tossed about – inflation and recession. Many ask, which one is worse? How worried should I be? Or even – what do they mean and how are they different?

Inflation – Could the Fed be Wrong Again?

Recently, I’ve had a few folks ask me about inflation, given how high it is right now and how much airtime the media is giving it. Inflation – at least as we’re currently experiencing – is an issue that doesn’t seem to have one clear, specific root cause, despite what you may hear from media pundits. 

Inflation – It is Not Good!

Folks, we have not seen this type of inflation in a generation.  So, while we’ve talked about inflation here before, this week I want to use our time together to take a deeper look at just what is driving inflation.

Inflation . . . It’s A Tax!

Inflation is often called the “silent killer” of retirement plans due to its ability to sneak up on us slowly, eroding the purchasing power of our dollars over time.

Don’t Let Your Fears Distract You from Your Best Retirement

As today’s markets fluctuate coupled with all the uncertainty within our governmental systems, Americans seem to be feeling more fearful about the health of their investments. Here are few tips that may help those who struggle with financial paralysis.

Understand Inflation . . . Before It’s Too Late

Inflation, and it’s probable effects on our purchasing power in retirement, is a major retirement obstacle for many. While we’ve been in a historically low inflation environment for years, that’s changing quickly, and not for the better.