Traditional Retirement Planning and Annuities

Today’s low interest rate environment makes annuities more attractive than bonds. While annuity payouts have dropped because of low rates, alternative strategies such as bond ladders, have been hit harder.

Inverted Yield Curves; Why They Should Matter to You

Ah, the end of summer – and the beginning of the chaos that back-to-school brings. We dropped our oldest, Maeve, off to college for the first time and the twins embark on their second year of high school. Our household seems to have been turned upside down. Add in the stress of Phoebe and Sophie […]

What Are Your “Rules of the Road?”

Jill and I are in the thick of the teenager years. While it is hard to believe our oldest, Maeve, will be leaving for college next year, the Cutter household still has two sixteen-year-old twins left to get through these high school years. So, teaching the “Rules of the Road” to a teenager who is […]

Roll Over Your 401(k) to an IRA and Take Control

Tim and Joyce came to see me a few weeks back. They live in Pembroke, are both in their early 40’s, and have three boys ages, 14, 11, and 8. Their parents, let’s call them Steve and Joannie, are current clients of mine and they thought it was time Tim and Joyce sought some professional […]