Millennials and Money: What Works

Millennials and money

It can be difficult for Millennials to make and save money, but sticking to a budget and saving for tomorrow is possible with some careful planning.

Seriously . . . How Much Do You Really Need?

Each year, I trek over to Sandwich to see my primary care, Dr. Hannah, for a routine visit. After we have a few laughs and solve all the worlds political issues, he checks my blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, and he makes sure my heart’s still ticking. But then life gets busy and I find myself […]

How Do You Achieve Financial Security . . . Slow and Steady

As most Cutter Family Finance followers know, I like to read. So, while on vacation last week, I was reading over some statistics that really gave me pause. Get this, only 28% of Americans – about 70 million people – are “financially healthy,” spending and saving responsibly, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation […]

Right-Size Your Way to a Comfortable Retirement

Wendy and Mark, a couple in their fifties from Plymouth, came to see Jen and me a few weeks ago. Both are still working, but the runway to retirement is shrinking, and they wanted better control over their financial lives. Wendy is a media strategist for a large Boston firm, and Mark manages a luxury […]

Let’s Become Financially Fit for 2019

Jen and I were asked a few months back to develop a financial educational radio show on WXTK 95. The show airs at 5PM every Saturday and has become quite popular both here on the Cape and in Southeastern Massachusetts. So, this week I would like to spend our time together discussing what became a […]