Millennials and Money: What Works

Millennials and money

It can be difficult for Millennials to make and save money, but sticking to a budget and saving for tomorrow is possible with some careful planning.

How Do You Achieve Financial Security . . . Slow and Steady

As most Cutter Family Finance followers know, I like to read. So, while on vacation last week, I was reading over some statistics that really gave me pause. Get this, only 28% of Americans – about 70 million people – are “financially healthy,” spending and saving responsibly, according to the Center for Financial Services Innovation […]

Reset Your Financial Game with a Budget Mulligan

I am really not a good golfer. I used to be, but then three kids came along, so my game had to take a back seat for years as I coached my kid’s sports. Now that the kids are older, I am starting to pick up the sticks again beginning my long road back. Golfing […]

Financial Factors to Guide Your Retirement Plans

It’s been a rainy spring this year, but we’ve still had a few good days here and there, like this past weekend when our neighbors had a big picnic potluck. A lot of my good friends were there, including the son of one of my friends, I’ll call him Graham. Graham’s an all-around great kid, […]