Is There a Magic Bullet for Retirement?

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For almost three decades, the 4% rule has often been used as the rule of thumb for retirees in determining their withdrawal rate. But considering today’s market and economic conditions, can retirees really rely on this old standby to guarantee they won’t run out of money?

Retirement Phobia is a Real Thing

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Get this folks, according to a recent survey, 44% of men and 36% of women fear retirement more than death itself. According to the survey, the No. 1 fear Americans have about retirement is having a lack of income, with 87% saying that this scares them.

Social Security Reform Bill Has Tough Hurdles to Overcome

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I am regularly asked by folks how I feel about the future state of Social Security. The answer to this question is particularly important for those approaching retirement within the next 5-10 years, because time is simply not on their side if their anticipated benefits are cut.

Oh, For the Love of Money

A man and a women sitting in front of a laptop in their living room discussing their finances

Everyone has beliefs and habits surrounding money, and when yours don’t align with your partners it can create real problems. So this week, let’s discuss how couples with differing “money personalities” can co-exist with less conflict.