Retiring Early: Pros and Cons

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Retirement looks different to everyone. Whatever your plan, it’s essential to build a sound retirement system that factors risk, changing expenses, and what you need for your newest adventure.

Managing Risk and Your Retirement Income

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Risk needs to be managed on both sides of your retirement – during wealth acquisition and distribution. Smart retirement maximizes growth and alleviates risk.

2021 . . . What if?


No one could have foreseen what was to come this time last year. Make sure your retirement system is resilient where it needs to be to help ride out future uncertainty.

The Prescription Drug Dilemma . . . It’s a Problem!

Yesterday I swung into the CVS that is down the street from my office to get a prescription filled. Of course, I had forgotten to call ahead, so I dropped off my script and sat down to wait for a few minutes while it was being filled by the pharmacist. An older gentleman, I guessed […]

Retirement and the Role of Generic Toilet Paper

With Maeve home from college last weekend, the girls’ thoughts turned to the approach of Halloween. With just a few weeks left, costumes for Halloween were top priority. Sure, they may not trick-or-treat any longer but what teenager can resist a good costume party? So once they’d landed on their disguise of choice, it was […]