Holiday Gifting Within Your Plan

Holiday Gifting Within Your Plan

When gifting your estate assets to your family, make sure consider your own retirement income needs and potential tax liabilities for you and the receiver.

The FAFSA: The Most Important Financial Aid Form for College

I love Christmas, but doesn’t it seem to you like Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year? Here it is November and I’m seeing Christmas decorations and ads for gift ideas everywhere. Of course, my girls absolutely love this time of year. The music, the pretty lights, and yes – the shopping. Maeve was home […]

Get the Most from Your Child’s 529 Plan

Our oldest daughter, Maeve, heads off to college this week. Jill and I are very proud of her, and you know, I really am going to miss that kid. It is also hard to believe that her two sisters will be following before too long. Like every American parent, Jill and I are only too […]