A Boss Is Only as Good as Their Team

A boss is only as good as their team

There is no doubt the current recessionary environment has most of us concerned and possibly even questioning the course we had set regarding our financial plans. With my oldest daughter, Maeve set to embark on a career in the near future, I’ve looked with concern at articles talking about the difficulties new college graduates will […]

What Is Real Wealth?

These times are unprecedented.  As a community, the younger kids are on extended break from elementary, middle school, and high school.  As a community, the older kids are home from college.  Dads or Moms, or maybe both, are off from work.  As a community, families are spending the most face-to-face time together in quite a while.  Unfortunately . . . […]

You Cannot Run Out of Gas in Retirement!

I will bet we can all recall a time in our past that we found ourselves driving down the road at night, miles from the next exit, only to glance down at the fuel gauge and be seized with panic . . . it’s on empty! Then we start to do some quick mental calculus […]

Federal Employees and Thrift Savings Plans . . . You Have Options

You know, it seems in a span of a few years Jill and I will have gone from a house of energetic adolescents to being empty-nesters. I am not going to lie to you; I am going to miss all of them. Over the years, our advice to Maeve, Phoebe, and Sophie was to always […]

Do You Have a Retirement Blind Spot?

I’ve mentioned here before about the new drivers in our house, Sophie and Phoebe. I won’t lie to you that I have to get mentally prepared before hopping into that passenger’s seat with my new drivers; and may even double up on the blood pressure medicine to boot. Seriously, it’s a great feeling to see […]

“New Math” That Makes Saving for Retirement Easier?

A few weeks back, Maeve surprised us with a visit home from college. She’s the happiest I have seen her in years with all of her new friends, parties, and academics. And while her two sisters, Phoebe and Sophie, would never admit they missed Maeve, the three of them were joined at the hip the […]

How Much Will You Need to Retire?

Well, our oldest daughter, Maeve, is off to college, and I am not going to lie to you . . . I really miss her. She’s my buddy. But, we couldn’t be happier and more excited for her. Jill and I helped her get settled in on move-in day. It was chaotic and frenzied, and […]

Adjusting Your Money Mentality To Fit Your Goals for Retirement

As we are thick in the middle of the warmer summer months, my French bulldog, Max, is getting lots more exercise – mostly because we can finally play (what seem like) endless games of fetch after work. And for the most part, I enjoy repeatedly tossing him the ball, over and over, especially after a […]

Financial Factors to Guide Your Retirement Plans

It’s been a rainy spring this year, but we’ve still had a few good days here and there, like this past weekend when our neighbors had a big picnic potluck. A lot of my good friends were there, including the son of one of my friends, I’ll call him Graham. Graham’s an all-around great kid, […]

What’s Your Retirement Age?

A couple Saturdays ago, Jill and I hosted a family party. Our home was full to the brim of grandparents, parents, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. I spent the day moving from group to group, chatting about our plans for the summer, laughing about old times and dissecting James Holzhauer’s historic success on Jeopardy. […]