Understanding IRA Withdrawal Rules

Sitting in the stands at Phoebe’s softball last weekend, I got to speak to the parents of one of her teammates- let’s call them June and David. June and David, Cutter Family Finance “faithfuls”, had a few questions about finance. Hmmm . . . right up my alley. Even Phoebe’s pitching takes a back seat […]

The SECURE Act and the Future of Your Retirement

Folks, I find that many Americans are facing a serious financial crisis in retirement. Last week, I was reading a recent report issued from the Federal Reserve.  Did you know that only 36% of non-retired Americans think that they are on track with retirement savings, and 25% of Americans have nothing at all saved for retirement? No […]

Pay Down Debt, Save, or Invest?

As a father of 3 beautiful girls, Maeve, Phoebe, and Sophie, I understand that my job doesn’t end when they turn eighteen. It was easy to see how much they needed me when they were young. But, as they grow up and become more self-sufficient, my job as a parent takes on new meaning. Sure, […]

Taking a Hard Look at 401(k) Loans and IRA Withdrawals

Last Thursday, I dodged out of the office for a bit to grab a bite to eat at the Pickle Jar on Main Street in Falmouth. I like the place; I really do. The food is fantastic, and the owners and staff are always friendly. Anyway, as I was sitting at the lunch counter waiting […]

A Safe Harbor for Small Business Retirement Plans

I was out having a few beers on St. Patrick’s Day when I bumped into an old shipmate of mine from thirty years ago. Victor and I both went to Massachusetts Maritime Academy, where he was a mate and I an engineer. Ah, it was good to see Vic after so many years. Even after […]

Roll Over Your 401(k) to an IRA and Take Control

Tim and Joyce came to see me a few weeks back. They live in Pembroke, are both in their early 40’s, and have three boys ages, 14, 11, and 8. Their parents, let’s call them Steve and Joannie, are current clients of mine and they thought it was time Tim and Joyce sought some professional […]