Roth IRA Distributions: Be Sure to Read the Fine Print

With Christmas in the rearview window, the Cutter family leapt into 2020 with renewed energy and enthusiasm. For Sophie and Phoebe, this included heading back to the Braintree Mall for yet another shopping trip. This trip meant spending some of the money they received from their grandparents as Christmas gifts. Phoebe also wanted to return […]

What to Do if Your Employer Freezes Your Pension

In the Cutter house, Christmas is a big deal. Even as teenagers, the girls get so excited to decorate the house with Christmas knick-knacks, and put up the tree. And, of course, it’s a month of anticipation about what they’ll find under the tree on Christmas morning. It even seems like the bickering and arguing […]

A Roth IRA for Kids . . . You Bet!

Last weekend, we had family movie night at the Cutter household. With teenage girls in the house, it’s not often that we’re all home together on a Saturday night, so I gave up control of the remote to Phoebe and Sophie for the evening. Well . . . for most of the evening, until the […]

Inherited IRAs . . . What You Need to Know

An inheritance can be a wonderful thing. An unexpected blessing that can be a sizeable addition to your bank account. Unfortunately, an inheritance almost always comes with the loss of a loved one, so it’s often received with mixed feelings, including feeling confused or even guilty. In addition, the passing of property and assets doesn’t […]

Understanding IRA Withdrawal Rules

Sitting in the stands at Phoebe’s softball last weekend, I got to speak to the parents of one of her teammates- let’s call them June and David. June and David, Cutter Family Finance “faithfuls”, had a few questions about finance. Hmmm . . . right up my alley. Even Phoebe’s pitching takes a back seat […]

Financial Factors to Guide Your Retirement Plans

It’s been a rainy spring this year, but we’ve still had a few good days here and there, like this past weekend when our neighbors had a big picnic potluck. A lot of my good friends were there, including the son of one of my friends, I’ll call him Graham. Graham’s an all-around great kid, […]

A Look Under the Hood of a Roth IRA

These days, I find there’s no shortage of opinions and advice about the best way to save for retirement. The use of social media and other online platforms give anyone and everyone the ability to weigh in with their 2 cents. But who can you believe, especially when it comes to something as crucial as […]

Pay Down Debt, Save, or Invest?

As a father of 3 beautiful girls, Maeve, Phoebe, and Sophie, I understand that my job doesn’t end when they turn eighteen. It was easy to see how much they needed me when they were young. But, as they grow up and become more self-sufficient, my job as a parent takes on new meaning. Sure, […]