Inflation – Could the Fed be Wrong Again?

Recently, I’ve had a few folks ask me about inflation, given how high it is right now and how much airtime the media is giving it. Inflation – at least as we’re currently experiencing – is an issue that doesn’t seem to have one clear, specific root cause, despite what you may hear from media pundits. 

Inflation – It is Not Good!

Folks, we have not seen this type of inflation in a generation.  So, while we’ve talked about inflation here before, this week I want to use our time together to take a deeper look at just what is driving inflation.

How to Invest (Or Not) Calmly Amidst Chaos

As individual investors we need to evaluate not only the current headlines and investment firm predictions but our own unique needs and holdings. Reading conflicting opinions and predictions online is not the real knowledge we need to make the right decisions.

Social Security’s . . . Not So Hidden Tax

The countdown to Tax Day is on and for many it isn’t a pretty sight. Many COVID-related tax breaks have expired, and some folks will find themselves paying in more to make up for financial concessions during the pandemic.

How to Limit Your RMDs

A lot of folks depend on RMDs to provide retirement income, for sure. But if you have other assets to get you through, consider one of these strategies to help limit your withdrawals and potentially save on taxes.