Don’t Make 2023 a Could of . . . Would of . . . Should of . . . Year!

As I read the news headlines each day, I’m noticing a common theme lately. One that suggests that our current economic climate is impacting the middle class much more than the wealthy or those less fortunate. The articles cite examples, such as smaller paycheck increases and the rising costs of items that middle class consumers purchase the most. And the middle class is much bigger than you might think.

Should You Give or Lend?

Woman sititng on the floor fanning out $900 in $100 bills

The IRS views gifts and loans differently for tax and gifting purposes and you need to understand the difference before writing that check.

How Can We Expect Our Economy to Behave?

A compass pointing southwest on top of a spreadsheet full of numbers

Some prominent analysts and economists believe that we’ll see inflation hanging around for the long term, with rising interest rates, and likely slower economic growth than we’d like to see. So this week, I’d like to dig a bit deeper into these areas so you can better understand what’s going on now – and what could happen tomorrow.

Inflation – It is Not Good!

Close up of a man putting the gas nozzle into the gas tank of his white car

Folks, we have not seen this type of inflation in a generation.  So, while we’ve talked about inflation here before, this week I want to use our time together to take a deeper look at just what is driving inflation.

How to Invest (Or Not) Calmly Amidst Chaos

Black and white Wall Street sign next to a green traffic line

As individual investors we need to evaluate not only the current headlines and investment firm predictions but our own unique needs and holdings. Reading conflicting opinions and predictions online is not the real knowledge we need to make the right decisions.