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We help to build sound retirement systems.  The first step in any successful retirement system is to understand risk relative to returns.  We provide downside risk mitigation techniques to help our clients understand and to manage downside risk while helping to grow and to protect their retirement and investable assets. Cutter Financial Group’s philosophy is preservation of wealth, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of wealth planning. Our proprietary money management system is designed around our philosophy of preservation of wealth, both in the accumulation and distribution stages of a financial lifecycle.  If we manage the downside, well, the upside can take care of itself.

Value. Financial Confidence.

Cutter Financial Group uses quantative data to give their clients the hightest probability of when to be invested and when to be safe.  Our proprietary money management system helps to significantly reduce risk during times of volatility and is consistent with our core belief is that if you manage the downside, the upside can take care of itself. This system allows our clients to secure a better, worry-free financial future, to give them the peace of mind they deserve.

We build retirement systems; we are not product driven. Jeff is a CPA/PFS, and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA).  This means that he and all of his Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) must put your interests first.

By Law, a Licensed Fiduciary, must do what is in your best interest, always.

Brokers vs. Fiduciaries

If you’re wondering what the main difference between a Broker and Fiduciary is, and why the difference matters, watch this short video from HighTower Advisors below:

We are living longer than ever. So, retirees could spend 25+ years in retirement. This means you could have 4-5 significant market corrections just during your retirement. Can you and your portfolio afford that? It’s a scary thought; how many -40% years can your portfolio survive before it runs out of money? None!

We have taught our retirees, pre-retirees and conservative investors how not to jeopardize their future.  You must not go backwards.  You have seeked a better method and reached a higher standard.  You have achieved better through low risk, low volatility and now peace of mind.

Folks, the classic retail brokerage retirement solution is to simply“buy and hold.”  Buy into the markets and hope for a good result.  This can propose a significant challenge to one’s retirement system if we lose 40% every 5-7 years.  

At Cutter Financial, we design and deploy downside risk mitigation techniques based upon quantitative data to help give our client’s the highest probability of when to take risk for potential gains, more importantly, use that data to help mitigate potential losses.  We believe that if we manage downside risk first, this allows the portfolio to get back to even quicker to give us a higher probability of portfolio growth over a market cycle.

We have formed trusting, lasting relationships with our clients.  We understand that we cannot predict the future, however, by deploying our proprietary money management system which is always back-tested through the worst of times, we at Cutter Financial are very comfortable with how our strategies will behave in the future.  This gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Questions We Ask Our Potential Clients

  1. Can you afford to go through another Great Recession or a Financial Crisis?
  2. Can you afford a lost decade of no growth, loss savings, high volatility and high risk?
  3. Are you constantly just gaining back lost money? Are you just recapturing old and not earning new money?
  4. If you are pre-retired, can you ever retire if you consistently lose money?

Depending on your answers to these questions, you may not be receiving the standard of care that you deserve. Our financial solutions are designed to offer you the financial confidence and independence you deserve.

Folks, wouldn’t you be winning by not losing? Contact us today. 


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