Managing Risk and Your Retirement Income

Risk needs to be managed on both sides of your retirement - during wealth acquisition and distribution. Smart retirement maximizes growth and alleviates risk.

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Women’s Month!

While women have made huge strides to improve financial parity with men, they lag way behind in retirement account value and other important metrics.

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Talking About Money Is Romantic

Open and honest communication wlth your spouse about money and financial goals is a cornerstone to a healthy and happy relationship.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency represent a huge risk to the average investor - one that merits caution and planning if you intend to dabble.

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Student Financial Aid 2021

New rules in 2023 may dramatically change how much financial aid your college student may receive. Plan now before the changes are put into place.

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Revisiting The 4% Rule

The "4% rule" has long been a benchmark for how retirees can safely spend down their accounts. Like any rule of thumb, it's a guideline - not an immutable law.

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Happiness In Retirement

A fixed-index annuity can help retirees create measurable and predictable income in retirement, like the pensions our parents had.

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