Who We Are

In 2002, with a passion to help others with both tactical and strategic financial planning, Jeffrey Cutter, opened Cutter Financial Group, LLC in Mansfield, Massachusetts. Seeing the significant need to help the pre-retirement, retirement and conservative communities on Cape Cod and Southeastern Massachusetts, Jeffrey opened his second office, in Falmouth, Massachusetts in 2009.

Jeffrey started his financial services career at KPMG Peat Marwick in Boston, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island and later joined ING Financial Partners in Braintree, Massachusetts.  Jeffrey Cutter is an investment advisor representative as well as a Certified Public Accountant® (CPA) and a Personal Financial Specialist® (PFS), and as such he has a fiduciary duty to his clients.  As a fiduciary, Jeffrey must always put his clients’ interests first.  Brokers, on the other hand, are generally not held to the same rigorous standard.

Cutter Financial Group, LLC is a family run company that works with pre-retired, retired, and conservative investors.  We specialize in comprehensive wealth management, investing, financial and retirement planning, and insurance strategies, all of which are specifically designed for those who appreciate safe, secure investments and who want to reduce the risk of moving backwards financially.

With over 18 years in the financial services industry, we work with individuals who are searching for alternatives to the traditional buy and hold strategy that left many investors at a deficit over the last 11 years. We provide access to high quality, low risk private wealth managers, and we are equipped to establish safe and secure (fixed) accounts for our clients.

The average person does not understand that the classic brokerage houses’ and financial institutions’ “buy and hold” methodology, simply does not work for a majority of investors.  With the “buy and hold” methodology, folks have no idea where they will be in 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years. The average investor finds himself holding what I refer to as “A Hope and A Prayer Portfolio.”

Cutter Financial Group provides a Money Management System (MMS). We are not product driven. Through our MMS we show our clients how to be defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times. We believe that you cannot have a safe and secure future without understanding and managing your risk. Our exclusive Three Bucket Approach assesses your overall risk tolerance and designs solutions to minimize risk and maximize portfolio gains. We never sacrifice our commitment to design low risk, low volatility portfolios that will give our clients peace of mind.

Please ask yourself what you and your current advisor have done since the last Financial Crisis of 2007-2008* to reposition your assets so you don’t lose again.  Are you earning new money or simply gaining back what you lost?  You must also ask yourself, when the next recession or financial crisis hits, which type of a portfolio do you deserve? A safe and secure, low risk, low volatility portfolio that will give you peace of mind, or a portfolio like most others had when they lost 40% during the last financial crisis?  Don’t be a victim of another recession or financial crisis. We believe that there is another solution and we believe that you deserve more.

Cutter Financial Group specializes in protecting its clients’ life savings from market volatility.  Our goal is to build family legacies, reduce income tax liabilities, and create a plan for each client that will ensure a fulfilling and worry-free retirement. Our strategies focus on low risk and low volatility investments, that have a proven record of success. Cutter Financial Group’s philosophy is to focus on the preservation of wealth during both the accumulation and distribution stages of retirement planning. We provide each client with a clear road map as to how to achieve his or her individual financial goals.

Call 508-388-7175 so we can help you design a low risk, low volatility, successful investment portfolio for your peace of mind or click here to schedule a no obligation initial consultation with Jeffrey Cutter, CPA, PFS. You deserve more.