The Annexus Group

The Annexus Group is the company behind the Insured Retirement Solution Industry’s most innovative Fixed Indexed Annuities and the most Client-Centered Training for elite advisors nationwide. The Annexus Group educates the top 1% of advisors on detailed research and understanding of what is affecting retirees, and will affect pre-retirees, in this changing economy. They keep their elite advisor group up-to-date on changing tax, economic and financial industry factors, which will affect their clients’ current, and future, income and retirement needs.

The Annexus Group, along with their partners at the Genesis Group, are providing unbridled growth potential fueled by unprecedented innovation. They also provide clients with Insured Retirement Solutions which are unparalleled in the industry. The Annexus Group Elite Advisor Training includes an in-depth study of Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), postmortem RMD planning, spousal rollovers, Roth IRA’s, Substantially Equal Payments (72t/72q) and distribution investing – for IRA Inc. Training. For Income Inc. Training, there is an advanced and in-depth study of Retirement Shortfall, Retirement Income, Retirement Nest-egg, Retirement Income Planning, Social Security Benefit Planning, Life Expectancy or Longevity, Lifetime Income, Retirement Income Gaps and how to Convert Appropriate Assets into Income.

The Genesis Group was founded in 1989, by Richard Kato and Marc Verrier.  The company is a research and development company focusing on new annuity products for the U.S. marketplace.

According to Richard Kato, who has been selected as one of the most influential people in the annuity business, “our focus is developing new and better products. Because Genesis is an independent product development company, our approach to the development process is not carrier-centric, freeing us to ‘think outside the box’ and focus purely on concept and innovative design. Once the heavy lifting on the research and development of the new design is complete and we’ve satisfied ourselves that the design is solid, then — and only then — do we approach an insurance company.”

What does the future of product design hold?  According to Kato, “we see the future of crediting methods evolving toward designs that maximize the upside potential in today’s economic environment. I see a shift away from frequent automatic stock index resets — like the annual ratchet product — towards more efficient products that reset less frequently, offer greater earnings potential and ultimately provide more choices for the consumer.

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