Social Security, A Liability To Some?

Last Wednesday night, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College on how to create a retirement system for folks approaching retirement. Part of the class is geared toward income planning and how Social Security plays into that. This was a hot topic for that crowd. One-half of a nice […]

Watch Out For The Gift Of The MAGI

A couple of weeks back, Jack came to see me. Jack is married to Sandy, and they have three grown children. Jack is a pretty smart guy. He retired as the director of financial planning at a large aerospace manufacturing company, having earned and saved quite a bit.   After retiring, Jack was asked to […]

Time Is On Our Children’s Side

Susan and I have written a lot of articles about the importance of starting to save for retirement as early as possible: taking advantage of time and planning for the future at a young age. We have covered topics ranging from how to teach our youth the value of saving to creating a budget to […]

The Final Plan–Thinking About The Unthinkable

Last week, Jeff wrote about two common concerns that retirees have: running out of money and paying for long-term care. As he explained, there are things you can do to alleviate those concerns. And, as we often say, having a plan in place is imperative to a successful retirement. Well, just as it is important […]

Your 1099-B and Your Tax Return

I always think it’s funny when people act like it’s a waste of money to pay someone to do their taxes. We pay people to fix our cars. We pay people to tend to our health. We pay people to install our home appliances. Why? Because messing up any of those things can cost us, […]

NUA—What You Need To Know

Jeff is away and so he asked me to write the article this week. At first I was hesitant. As I told him, he has very big shoes to fill. But then I decided it might be fun to teach you all about something very few people are aware of, a little-known tax break available […]