A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Christmas is around the corner. Many of us have spent the last week frantically trying to find Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals to be able to give our loved ones as much as we possibly can. After all, if we can find a good deal on one thing, we may be able to give […]

Where Can I Buy A Stretch IRA?—Nowhere

I find the financial industry to be riddled with terminology designed to confuse the general population. With acronyms that no one can explain, multiple terms all meaning the same thing, and names that appear to be pulled from thin air, it can seem like the financial world is speaking a totally different language.   Last […]

Is Your IRA Stretchable?

I had a nice couple, Moe and Deb from Osterville, come to my office a couple of weeks ago for investment advice and estate planning. They had attended an earlier workshop I held, which got them questioning whether they had an adequate estate plan in place.   Their questions concerned their investments, particularly their IRAs. […]