What’s Past Is Prologue: Making Income Last In Retirement

Make your retirement investments last through the next market downturn by understand how they’d do during the last downturn. Learn from history so you don’t repeat past mistakes.

What One Needs To Know About The ‘Markets’

Jeff ends his articles each week with the instruction to “be vigilant and stay alert.” I agree that it is critical for all of us to be attentive to not only our personal finances, but the financial world in general. How do we do that? Usually, we listen to the news. So, it is important […]

Don’t Get ‘Boiled’

I was in our Plymouth office this past Saturday meeting with Bob and Cindy. They are a nice couple, ages 65 and 62, respectively, and were seeking financial advice. They both want to retire in about two to three years. Bob said that while their portfolio is almost back from when it dropped in August, […]