Lessons From A Winner

Richard Thaler’s groundbreaking work in behavioral economics helped him win this year’s Nobel Prize. Find out how Thaler’s principles can help the educated investor make more appropriate financial decisions.

Riding The Social Security Merry-Go-Round

By the time you read this article, I will be recovering from shoulder surgery. I’d like to tell you that I hurt myself doing something exciting or interesting like doing an Iron Man competition, or maybe hurting it while making the final push up to the summit of Mt. Everest. Nope, not me. Unfortunately, my […]

These ‘Clever’ Little Gifts Keep On Giving

Doesn’t it seem that once we are through Thanksgiving, Christmas is right upon us? Well, I feel that way and as a result, I am facing crunch time for my Christmas shopping. My girls are easy to buy for; they have no problem telling me exactly what they want, where I can get it, and […]

Social Security, A Liability To Some?

Last Wednesday night, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College on how to create a retirement system for folks approaching retirement. Part of the class is geared toward income planning and how Social Security plays into that. This was a hot topic for that crowd. One-half of a nice […]

Until Death Do Us Part… Well, Maybe Not

Fall is a busy time for weddings, especially here on Cape Cod. I remember some years when it seemed that every weekend my husband, Seth, and I were attending a wedding. It was always exciting, filling out the card with best wishes for the couple and their happy future ahead of them, seeing them smile […]

Are You Planning On Social Security?

The future of Social Security is a concern for many, young and old. In the retirement planning course that Susan Roman and I teach, we always get questions about Social Security.   Actually, in these classes we often get many questions, most of which concern either investing or Social Security. Our one request is that […]

Think Uncle Sam Will Never Take Your Benefits? Think Again

Jeff Cutter and I often talk to people about the funding problems that this nation faces. The mainstream media likes to talk about the national debt approaching $20 trillion but the number that hits home to those of us who are currently, or will be, relying on a fixed income in our golden years is […]

No COLA For 2016?

I’ve often warned about the need to find a strategy hedged against the risk of inflation. It seems that the Social Security Administration is proving me right. My wife would probably say, “Even a blind squirrel can find a nut,” but I’d like to believe that this is just another time when it pays to […]

Social Security—Not Going Anywhere

When Susan and I teach courses for retirees and pre-retirees, we love to get questions. We have one rule—the questions need to be generic enough that the answers are helpful to everyone, rather than specific to a single individual. We love the questions because they give us an understanding of what concerns are on the […]

Successful Women Mean Happy Men

I live in a house with four strong gals, Jill and our three daughters. I work in an office with three strong women as well; Jill, Susan and Pam. I find myself outnumbered by women in nearly every room I walk into in both my work and home life. But this has made me a […]