Making Social Security Work for You in Retirement

Social Security factors into almost every retiree’s income stream. Find out how to maximize your benefits as part of your retirement strategy.

Preparing for the Unexpected in Retirement

Make sure your retirement plan is flexible enough to accommodate unexpected changes in health, lifestyle and other factors.

Gen Xers, Don’t Count on Social Security

Without reform, Social Security may not be able to pay during Gen Xers full retirement benefits. Don’t be caught unaware – learn what you can do to prepare.

Paving Our Road to a Healthy Retirement

Only about 1 in 4 of us is on the right road to having sufficient retirement savings. Find out how to get there yourself.

Retirees, Get the Most from Social Security

Decisions you make about when to collect social security will have a profound effect on your lifetime benefits, and your spouse’s survivor benefits.

Social Security, A Liability To Some?

Last Wednesday night, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College on how to create a retirement system for folks approaching retirement. Part of the class is geared toward income planning and how Social Security plays into that. This was a hot topic for that crowd. One-half of a nice […]

Are You Planning On Social Security?

The future of Social Security is a concern for many, young and old. In the retirement planning course that Susan Roman and I teach, we always get questions about Social Security.   Actually, in these classes we often get many questions, most of which concern either investing or Social Security. Our one request is that […]

Social Security – It’s Complicated!

A sound retirement plan consists of three essential pieces: an advanced tax plan (ATP), an income plan, and an investment plan. While the investment plan should be the nucleus, proper income and tax plans are critical and are often overlooked.   Social Security is a very important piece of the income strategy. Over the past […]

The Fed, What Is It Up To?

How will the Fed’s decision to taper its bond-buying program again affect your financial future? Who knows.   What I do know is this. In December 2013, the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (“FROMC”) made two very important decisions, to trim the monthly bond-buying program from $85 billion to $75 billion for January 2014, and […]

To Convert or Not; You Decide

Folks who know me, know that I tend to be on the competitive side. It is not surprising that I look at grocery shopping differently than most. It is not social hour to me; frankly, it is work. When I walk into a grocery store, I look at each area of the store as a […]