Retirement Fund Options for Freelancers and Others

Freelancing is the new norm for many of us, which means taking our retirement plans into our own hands. Find out the best ways for freelancers to prepare for retirement.

Preparing for Retirement

The new year brings some changes to how much you can set aside for retirement. Make sure you’re taking advantage of every break you can to make your golden years easier.

The Most Stressful Jobs In America

I just read an article about the most stressful jobs in America. Of course, everyone has different opinions on this topic, largely based on their personal experience. I guess it’s not surprising that the top three most stressful, difficult jobs are; 1) serving in the military, 2) being a parent, and 3) owning a small […]

Jeff Cutter Financial Question of the Week: Estate as Beneficiary

Jeff Cutter answers the financial question of the week from Bill in Easton; My 83 year old dad passed away and he had a SEP IRA the beneficiary is listed as his estate and the sole beneficiary of the estate is me; who wants to do a stretch IRA.  Can i do this? To submit […]