Understanding Risk and Return

Investors hear a lot about risk and return, but what does that mean? Let’s break it down with an explanation of some of the common metrics financial experts use to factor risk and return.

How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

Most investors are not familiar with the unique characteristics of high-yield bonds. It is often assumed that the primary determinant of price trends in these bonds is the trend in interest rates. That is not necessarily the case. In fact, close examination reveals that high-yield bonds more often correlate to equities than to securities that […]

Common Portfolio Misconceptions

Lately, I have met a slew of folks all wanting to have the same old discussions about allocation strategies, historical performance, top mutual fund managers, price to earnings (PE) ratios, or whatever else their brokers deem to be the hot topic of the day in the shark-infested shallows of the stock market noise. And although […]

Ways To Avoid Student Debt, And Why

This content has been removed because of it’s time sensitive relevance and the advice contained. Check out our more recent blogs for more up to date financial planning content! http://cutterfinancialgroup.com/cutter-family-finance/

Jeff Cutter: Now Taking Financial Questions

Jeff Cutter, Financial Wealth Manager and President of Cutter Financial Group, will now be accepting your weekly financial questions.  The topics he will be covering can include, tax free retirement, wealth management, estate planning, financial planning, risk management, educational planning, insurance planning, social security planning and medical professionals.  Check out the video below! Got a […]