Some Rules Are Meant to Be Broken

The old rule of retirement was that you could withdraw 4% from your investments every year to make your money last. That rule is out the window. What do you do now?

Now That’s . . . SMART!

Whether your goal this year is to improve your physical or financial health, this handy mnemonic tool can help you reach it. Find out how to get SMART.

Should You Spend Money? Keep Perspective

I’ve spent a lot time over our four years together, writing this column, talking about saving for the future. I have covered topics such as budgeting, stashing money away for an emergency fund, contributing to retirement plans, investment strategies and the importance of downside risk management, estate planning, ensuring we have enough money to retire, […]

Knowing, And Then Reaching, Your Target Number

Over school vacation, all the Cutters went to Naples, Florida, to see Jill’s folks. Naples is definitely a retirement community. After observing and participating in all the golf, sunshine, exercise and happy hours, I came to the conclusion that a successful retirement is kind of like being in college . . . but with money. […]

The Most Stressful Jobs In America

I just read an article about the most stressful jobs in America. Of course, everyone has different opinions on this topic, largely based on their personal experience. I guess it’s not surprising that the top three most stressful, difficult jobs are; 1) serving in the military, 2) being a parent, and 3) owning a small […]

Social Security, A Liability To Some?

Last Wednesday night, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College on how to create a retirement system for folks approaching retirement. Part of the class is geared toward income planning and how Social Security plays into that. This was a hot topic for that crowd. One-half of a nice […]

Until Death Do Us Part… Well, Maybe Not

Fall is a busy time for weddings, especially here on Cape Cod. I remember some years when it seemed that every weekend my husband, Seth, and I were attending a wedding. It was always exciting, filling out the card with best wishes for the couple and their happy future ahead of them, seeing them smile […]

Stop Lying To Yourself About Financial Health

My wife, Jill, has had me on this health kick for the past six months. She has me eating so much “ruffage” I feel like a bunny rabbit. Apparently, I’m getting old and need to put more effort into keeping off the pounds than I used to. I can just imagine my 20-year-old self watching […]

The Retirement Lifestyle

Susan and I teach a course called Rejuvenate Your Retirement. The purpose of the class is to help retirees create a successful retirement by learning about income planning, investment planning, estate planning, tax planning and legacy planning. I have to admit, one of my favorite sections of the class actually has nothing to do with […]