Why Borrowing From A 401(k) Might Not Be The Best Idea

Last week, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College with Gerry, another advisor in our Plymouth office. This class has become quite popular. It is specifically designed to help students prepare for a sound retirement by teaching them how to build a solid retirement system. Cutter Family Finance readers […]

Bringing Peace Of Mind To Your Future Health Care

When I was a little boy, my mother used to joke about wearing a “little black pill” around her neck when she got older, so that when she couldn’t care for herself any longer, she could take the pill and slip away peacefully into the night. She would always say to my brother, sister and […]

Are You Planning On Social Security?

The future of Social Security is a concern for many, young and old. In the retirement planning course that Susan Roman and I teach, we always get questions about Social Security.   Actually, in these classes we often get many questions, most of which concern either investing or Social Security. Our one request is that […]

Hitting ‘Undo’ On A Roth Conversion

Over the past three years, we have discussed Roth IRAs a few times. We have reviewed what it means to have one, what the rules are that pertain to them, the implications of converting traditional IRAs to Roth IRAs and the possibility of re-characterizing those conversions. In light of the recent market volatility, I thought […]

Not A Good Time To Be Just Average

Okay, I am a geek . . . I like math. My background in engineering, accounting, and finance would lead most folks to the conclusion that I must be pretty good at math, and I am. However, when I explain concepts such as mean, average, median, standard deviation and beta, most times I can see […]

Financial Strategy… Not By The Seat Of My Pants

Some folks can fly by the seat of their pants and do just fine in life. But for most of us, if we do not have a plan, well, we just fail. I have a plan for everything I do. And for each plan, I have a strategy to implement it.   Even when I […]