Start 2019 On the Right Foot: Financial Resolutions

Have financial resolutions for 2019 like saving more, spending less, bolstering retirement savings? Here’s how to succeed when others fail.

Mistakes All 25-Year-Olds Must Avoid

A few weeks ago, I met with a couple of clients of mine that I have worked with for a number of years now. I will call them Bob and June. Bob and June have been a pleasure to work with and are two of the most vigilant folks I know. As we were finishing […]

Avoiding The ‘Broke Athlete Phenomenon’

On Monday I couldn’t help but listen to sports radio after the pounding the Patriots gave Indianapolis in the AFC championship game. As I was flipping between channels, I heard something really interesting. Did you know that within two years of retirement, 78 percent of NFL players are under financial stress or in bankruptcy?   […]