Should Retirees Buy Netflix Or Walmart?

I was at the softball field last Wednesday evening with Jill to watch Sophie and Phoebe play against Wareham. They got crushed. Sophie was pitching, so my anxiety level was a bit high. As I was giving her some fatherly advice from the sidelines (she loves that), a very nice older gentleman came up to […]

Before Thunder, There’s Lightning

A few weeks back, a Cutter Family Finance faithful, let’s call him John, reached out to me via e-mail. The gist of John’s e-mail was to defend his outdated investment strategy. He admitted to me that he has no downside risk management triggers in place, (which you all know I believe are necessary). He also […]

Investment Tax—It’s Complicated

Oftentimes when folks seek retirement planning guidance from me, their initial questions center around investment advice. I try to help them understand that in order to have a secure retirement plan there are three critical areas that must be addressed: tax planning, income planning, and investment planning. In order to appropriately strategize in all three […]