Don’t Burn the Lasagna!

Learn how you can manage your investments to be prepared for inevitable economic changes, much like learning how to cook lasagna.

How to Live Comfortably in Retirement

Living comfortably in retirement requires you to think beyond your investment and wealth distribution strategy. What kind of life do you envision?

What Are Your Rules?

“Buy and Hold” can expose your investments to massive downside risk. A Rules-Based Investment System (RBIS) can help protect you from devastating losses.

Market Uncertainty . . . Know Your Rules

A rules-based approach to investing and rebalancing your portfolio are better strategies during periods of market uncertainty than emotional investing.

What Are Your Rules? Learn From Ray Dalio

About a week ago, I met a couple in my Falmouth office—let’s call them Al and Barbara. Al is a spunky 74 years young and Barbara is a youthful-looking 72. They are from West Falmouth and are looking for some guidance.   I began our initial meeting, as I always do, with the following question: […]