Wintery Storm—A Pause For Reflection

I try to teach my kids to always be prepared for whatever comes their way.   Last week I had to practice what I preach. I went to Detroit for a couple of days to meet with another advisor. Seeing the weather reports, I threw some boots and some extra clothes in my bag, just […]

What One Needs To Know About The ‘Markets’

Jeff ends his articles each week with the instruction to “be vigilant and stay alert.” I agree that it is critical for all of us to be attentive to not only our personal finances, but the financial world in general. How do we do that? Usually, we listen to the news. So, it is important […]

The Financial Year In Review

It has been quite a year, and 2017 promises to be just as exciting. The best thing we can do is stay on our toes and be ready for whatever is to come, and that starts with ensuring that we understand all that happened in 2016.   That’s why I decided this week to highlight […]

Fleeing The Volatility Monster

My kids were flipping through the channels last weekend and came across some of their old favorite morning cartoons. They paused on the channel, laughing about how much they “used to” love watching them. (They are ages 11 through 15 but they acted like it had been decades ago.) In the cartoon, a monster dropped […]

Negative Interest Rates—What Does This Mean To You?

Last week, I had a client meeting with a very nice couple (let’s call them Jack and Stephanie). In our meeting, Stephanie asked a very good question, “How would negative interest rates affect us?”   If you’ve been keeping up with the news on the global markets lately, or really if you’ve had your TV […]

Inflation, Deflation, What Is Going On?

Last week on my way home from work, Jill asked me to stop at Shaw’s for a few things. There are many reasons why Jill does not allow me to do the shopping that I will not get into here; however, if duty calls, it is often just a quick trip to pick up something […]

‘Best’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Cheapest’

I talk a lot about retirement planning. To clients, to my class attendees, to you Cutter Family Finance readers, to Jill and my girls, even to my dog, Max, when I can’t sleep at night. After listening to my ramblings for years, everybody listed above can probably name over a dozen investment vehicles that pre-retirees […]

Is The Phantom Lurking This Halloween?

Folks, with any good retirement system, not only do you need investment and income plans, but you need a sound tax plan as well. You must have strategies that are tax efficient. We all have a right to legally pay less tax, agreed? Heck, if we legally pay less tax then what have we essentially […]

The Little Guy Didn’t Have A Chance

Bart Chilton is the former commissioner of the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Last Friday on CNN, he said the market situation on Monday, August 24, 2015, brought to light a major issue that individual investors face but are often unaware of—liquidity. This is just one more unfair advantage that institutional investors have over individual […]