Should You Spend Money? Keep Perspective

I’ve spent a lot time over our four years together, writing this column, talking about saving for the future. I have covered topics such as budgeting, stashing money away for an emergency fund, contributing to retirement plans, investment strategies and the importance of downside risk management, estate planning, ensuring we have enough money to retire, […]

Where Can I Buy A Stretch IRA?—Nowhere

I find the financial industry to be riddled with terminology designed to confuse the general population. With acronyms that no one can explain, multiple terms all meaning the same thing, and names that appear to be pulled from thin air, it can seem like the financial world is speaking a totally different language.   Last […]

Seeing The Whole Playing Field

I call them the “young ones,” newly retired couples typically in their early 60s who are anxious to plan their financial future. John and Barbara, a couple of “young ones” who retired here from Chicago, came to me for a second opinion on their investment and retirement plan. They are Cutter Family Finance readers and […]

Financially Sophisticated

We have all heard the phrase, “You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,” and we have all likely found it to be true on more than a few occasions. What’s worse than simply not knowing what you have is not even being aware that you are at risk of losing it.   This […]

A Daughter’s Concern

Most Cutter Family Finances readers are 40 years old and up. You all have a common thread that joins you together. You are trying to understand how this somewhat complicated financial industry works and how to make it work for you. You are trying to create a system that will lead to financial security and […]