Social Security, A Liability To Some?

Last Wednesday night, I taught a class at the Plymouth campus of Cape Cod Community College on how to create a retirement system for folks approaching retirement. Part of the class is geared toward income planning and how Social Security plays into that. This was a hot topic for that crowd. One-half of a nice […]

Just Give Me The Facts

Jill and I went to Aruba last week, no kids. As much as I love my girls, it is nice to get away. We flew JetBlue. I rarely watch television at home—Jill tells me it is because I have a hard time sitting still; she is probably right. So, the free TV combined with a […]

Not A Good Time To Be Just Average

Okay, I am a geek . . . I like math. My background in engineering, accounting, and finance would lead most folks to the conclusion that I must be pretty good at math, and I am. However, when I explain concepts such as mean, average, median, standard deviation and beta, most times I can see […]

Investment Tax—It’s Complicated

Oftentimes when folks seek retirement planning guidance from me, their initial questions center around investment advice. I try to help them understand that in order to have a secure retirement plan there are three critical areas that must be addressed: tax planning, income planning, and investment planning. In order to appropriately strategize in all three […]