What Is Your Inflation Rate?

  A very nice couple came to our office a week or so ago; let’s call them John and Sally. They are self-proclaimed “faithful” Cutter Family Finance readers who are looking for help. John and Sally are from Franklin, but have summered in Falmouth for 30-plus years. They are planning to retire here in the […]

What Are Your Rules? Learn From Ray Dalio

About a week ago, I met a couple in my Falmouth office—let’s call them Al and Barbara. Al is a spunky 74 years young and Barbara is a youthful-looking 72. They are from West Falmouth and are looking for some guidance.   I began our initial meeting, as I always do, with the following question: […]

Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain

I really do not like traveling for work, seriously. I am a family guy. Most nights, I coach my girls’ softball teams; go home for supper; hang out with the kids to hear about their day; say prayers and kiss them goodnight; watch some TV with Jill; and then hit the rack. I know, I […]

Capital Gains Taxes On A Loss? How?

As most of you know, we teach a retirement course at Cape Cod Community College. In the class, we teach folks how to build a retirement system. Part of the class is designed to help folks understand the impact of capital gains taxes on that system.   At our last class, I was explaining the […]

Is Understanding Risk Important? You Bet!

Donny from Sandwich came to see me this past week. Donny is a good guy. He is 60 years old and a retired school teacher. He is married and has a sprinkling of grandkids. Donny hopes to have a long and healthy retirement. He has a pension from the school system but that does not […]

How To Prepare For A Financial Appointment

When we go to the doctor, we know we will hear the same basic questions every time, “How old are you?” “Do you drink?” “Do you smoke?” “How much exercise do you get a week?” “Are you experiencing any pain?” Those questions, although simple, are critical to doctors. They use our answers to decide how […]

Common Portfolio Misconceptions

Lately, I have met a slew of folks all wanting to have the same old discussions about allocation strategies, historical performance, top mutual fund managers, price to earnings (PE) ratios, or whatever else their brokers deem to be the hot topic of the day in the shark-infested shallows of the stock market noise. And although […]

Where’s The Beef?

Last week I traveled to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a great opportunity. I was asked to speak to a group of financial advisors on effective financial strategies to use in a challenging financial environment. While I hate being away from Jill and the kids, I like flying alone because I am able to read […]

To Convert or Not; You Decide

Folks who know me, know that I tend to be on the competitive side. It is not surprising that I look at grocery shopping differently than most. It is not social hour to me; frankly, it is work. When I walk into a grocery store, I look at each area of the store as a […]

Are You A “Stagvestor?”

Most investors are now feeling euphoric because their buy and hold strategy has brought them back to what they had before the carnage of 2007-2008. In fact, if we go back even longer to the Tech Wreck of 2001-2002, most investors have broken even, which is great, but unfortunately, breaking even is not growth. This […]