Investment Advice for Different Generations

Your investment strategy will change throughout your life. Learn how your strategy should change based on what generation you belong to.

What Is The Best Mutual Fund Class For You?

I’ve said before that the devil of the financial world is in the details. And in my opinion, the real devil is assuming that you understand the details, when really you don’t.   A few weeks ago, a new client came in to our office to meet with Susan Roman and me, let’s call him […]

Nothing To Lose And Everything To Gain

I really do not like traveling for work, seriously. I am a family guy. Most nights, I coach my girls’ softball teams; go home for supper; hang out with the kids to hear about their day; say prayers and kiss them goodnight; watch some TV with Jill; and then hit the rack. I know, I […]

The Traits Of A Successful Investor

Last Saturday morning, I read an article in The Business Insider about what creates lasting personal relationships. For nearly two decades, I have been happily (and on Jill’s end, patiently) married, so I was interested in this article. It spoke of psychologist John Gottman, who set up “The Love Lab” in 1986, with his colleague […]

Will You Hear The Screams?

Jill and our kids think it is a bit strange when I talk to my car, golf clubs, et cetera, like they understand me. I explain to them that the idea that cars, sports equipment, et cetera, can “talk” is a guy thing.   Come to think of it, I can’t remember seeing a woman […]

Dispensing Adviser Advice While Eating A Tuna Melt

I love a good tuna melt. You know, the kind that falls apart as you’re trying to wolf it down before anyone notices you are eating like an animal. There is this new deli in town located diagonally across from my office, called Prime Cut, and they have the best tuna melt I have ever […]