Traits of Financial Success You Can Understand

I love using comparisons to simplify and explain difficult life concepts. My kids, at this point, hate them. In our house, my kids refer to them as “life lessons.” Life lessons, in the Cutter household, always start something like this, “Well, you know, Phoebe, it’s kind of like…” and that’s usually as far as I […]

Is The Great American Dream Dead?

“Why don’t you just pay someone to do this? We hate yard work! No one cuts their own lawn. We are getting all dirty! You are too strict. This is just stupid!” These are some of the statements made last weekend by my cracker-jack landscape crew at Cutter Financial Group: my three girls, Maeve, Phoebe, […]

Requiring Your Own Standard Is Just Common Sense

I know I’ve written articles in the past about the pending fiduciary rules floating over the financial industry but these discussions are not going away.   A recent proposal from the Department of Labor would require all financial industry professionals to put the best interests of their clients ahead of their own, even if it […]

Just Give Me The Facts

Jill and I went to Aruba last week, no kids. As much as I love my girls, it is nice to get away. We flew JetBlue. I rarely watch television at home—Jill tells me it is because I have a hard time sitting still; she is probably right. So, the free TV combined with a […]

Will You Hear The Screams?

Jill and our kids think it is a bit strange when I talk to my car, golf clubs, et cetera, like they understand me. I explain to them that the idea that cars, sports equipment, et cetera, can “talk” is a guy thing.   Come to think of it, I can’t remember seeing a woman […]

Pink Hunting Boots . . . Seriously?

This past weekend, my oldest daughter and I drove to Vermont to see my friend Paul for the opening of deer season. I am not really that much of a hunter. In fact, I often think that the deer are smarter than me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the time away with my daughter. No cellphones or […]

How Risky Is Your Portfolio?

Most investors are not familiar with the unique characteristics of high-yield bonds. It is often assumed that the primary determinant of price trends in these bonds is the trend in interest rates. That is not necessarily the case. In fact, close examination reveals that high-yield bonds more often correlate to equities than to securities that […]

‘Set It And Forget It’ Investing . . . Are You Nuts?

I have crazy sleep patterns. Oftentimes I wake up in the middle of the night . . . just thinking about things. When I cannot sleep, I like “channel surfing” to check out the infomercials on TV.   The other night, I was channel surfing and came across an ad for a rotisserie and barbecue […]

History Repeats . . . History

“The Dow tumbled 390.23 to 8,019.26, bringing the 30-share index down 1,360 points over the past two weeks and leaving it at its lowest since October 1998. It also closed 216 points below its Sept. 21 close following the first full week of trading after the Sept. 11 attacks.” [1]   That was the report […]

Inheriting An IRA; What You Need To Know

Do you have an individual retirement account (IRA)? If you do, at the end of the day, do you plan to leave it to your kids? Better yet, do you expect to inherit an IRA?   Beneficiary IRAs were a hot topic of discussion at a meeting I attended for “Elite” financial advisors in Florida […]