What Is Your Inflation Rate?

  A very nice couple came to our office a week or so ago; let’s call them John and Sally. They are self-proclaimed “faithful” Cutter Family Finance readers who are looking for help. John and Sally are from Franklin, but have summered in Falmouth for 30-plus years. They are planning to retire here in the […]

Retirement Calculators—Tools Or Fools?

If you’re like most people worrying about your financial future, you have likely found yourself in this scenario: It’s 2 AM and you are lying awake in your bed, worrying about the cost of your kid’s college, market volatility, the future of Social Security, and numerous other concerns. If so, then you have probably also […]

Inflation, Deflation, What Is Going On?

Last week on my way home from work, Jill asked me to stop at Shaw’s for a few things. There are many reasons why Jill does not allow me to do the shopping that I will not get into here; however, if duty calls, it is often just a quick trip to pick up something […]

Just Give Me The Facts

Jill and I went to Aruba last week, no kids. As much as I love my girls, it is nice to get away. We flew JetBlue. I rarely watch television at home—Jill tells me it is because I have a hard time sitting still; she is probably right. So, the free TV combined with a […]

Is Understanding Risk Important? You Bet!

Donny from Sandwich came to see me this past week. Donny is a good guy. He is 60 years old and a retired school teacher. He is married and has a sprinkling of grandkids. Donny hopes to have a long and healthy retirement. He has a pension from the school system but that does not […]

Are You Financially Literate?

Each year I teach a one-day class on financial basics to the graduating cadets at my alma mater, Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I love having the opportunity to teach these fine young men and women the fundamental financial skills that so many do not otherwise learn during school.   I always try to teach it during […]