What If…?

It’s a difficult discussion to have, but it’s absolutely necessary: Life insurance and appropriate estate planning can be crucial to a family’s financial future.

What Is Your Inflation Rate?

  A very nice couple came to our office a week or so ago; let’s call them John and Sally. They are self-proclaimed “faithful” Cutter Family Finance readers who are looking for help. John and Sally are from Franklin, but have summered in Falmouth for 30-plus years. They are planning to retire here in the […]

Watching The Tax Proposal Duel Unfold

When Susan Roman and I sit down with folks to help them design their retirement system, we usually discuss whether it makes sense to use investment vehicles that result in growth or income on which taxes are paid currently, or whether we kick the can down the street and pay taxes later. A question we […]

Working Women Are Still Falling Behind

I am the mother of four great children: three girls and one boy. For many years, I worked just one day a week (outside of our home). I did this because my husband and I felt that it was important for one of us to stay home with the children before they started kindergarten. And, […]

Required Minimum Distributions, Do I Need To Worry?

Last week was a long week. In Jeff’s endless pursuit of physical fitness (not really), he hurt himself. All of us in the office tell him he will be fine, but the poor guy had to take it easy for quite a few days. Both of our schedules were a bit thrown off as a […]

Retirement Concerns You Can Tackle

When either Susan or I sit down to write our Cutter Family Finance column each week, we try to tackle topics that are relevant to everyone. However, we do recognize that people who are in different stages of life will often have different concerns. Our goal, as financial professionals, is to create peace of mind […]

Finding The Right Home For Your Money

I find that when people think about financial planning, they often think about saving, saving, and then saving some more. As most of you know, I’m an advocate of saving and planning for the future; heck, my friends joke that I still have my First Communion money. But remember, you save and you plan so […]

Your 1099-B and Your Tax Return

I always think it’s funny when people act like it’s a waste of money to pay someone to do their taxes. We pay people to fix our cars. We pay people to tend to our health. We pay people to install our home appliances. Why? Because messing up any of those things can cost us, […]

Think Uncle Sam Will Never Take Your Benefits? Think Again

Jeff Cutter and I often talk to people about the funding problems that this nation faces. The mainstream media likes to talk about the national debt approaching $20 trillion but the number that hits home to those of us who are currently, or will be, relying on a fixed income in our golden years is […]

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Your Financial Future

I am a parent. Many of you are parents. As parents, we want the best for our kids, right? We want them to have a better life than ours. We want them to grow, to learn, and to be successful in all areas of their lives. This brings me to a meeting I recently had […]