Financial Advice Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

Is the financial advice you’re getting always in your best interest? Shopping for an advisor can be scary – learn to know the difference.

To Be Or Not To Be A Fiduciary?

If you are a loyal Cutter Family Finance reader, you have heard me harp about many things over our years together, but I think the most common topic I have covered over the last year or so has been the Department of Labor’s (DOL) landmark ruling, scheduled to become effective on April 10 this year. […]

Dispensing Adviser Advice While Eating A Tuna Melt

I love a good tuna melt. You know, the kind that falls apart as you’re trying to wolf it down before anyone notices you are eating like an animal. There is this new deli in town located diagonally across from my office, called Prime Cut, and they have the best tuna melt I have ever […]