Looking Beyond The Fiduciary Stamp Of Approval

The much-anticipated event has finally arrived: the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Standard Rule hit the financial industry on June 9. Cutter Family Finance readers already know that this rule imposes the fiduciary standard across the entire financial services industry when dealing with any type of retirement account. All of those financial professionals who were not […]

What Is The Best Mutual Fund Class For You?

I’ve said before that the devil of the financial world is in the details. And in my opinion, the real devil is assuming that you understand the details, when really you don’t.   A few weeks ago, a new client came in to our office to meet with Susan Roman and me, let’s call him […]

Capital Gains Taxes On A Loss? How?

As most of you know, we teach a retirement course at Cape Cod Community College. In the class, we teach folks how to build a retirement system. Part of the class is designed to help folks understand the impact of capital gains taxes on that system.   At our last class, I was explaining the […]

‘Best’ Doesn’t Always Mean ‘Cheapest’

I talk a lot about retirement planning. To clients, to my class attendees, to you Cutter Family Finance readers, to Jill and my girls, even to my dog, Max, when I can’t sleep at night. After listening to my ramblings for years, everybody listed above can probably name over a dozen investment vehicles that pre-retirees […]

Income Planning And Math; Be That Nerd

If you are a regular Cutter Family Finance reader, you have probably noticed that I end every column with the statement “be vigilant and stay alert.” I do believe that is some of the best advice I can give with respect to creating a sound financial system. I teach and preach that same mantra to […]

Fees And Expenses; Just Not Adding Up

I am accustomed to seeing a variety of emotions from people when they first come to see me; confusion, urgency and fear, to name a few. In fact, over the years, I’ve gotten pretty good at recognizing and identifying how people are feeling before they even start talking to me. Heck, working with all women […]

Financial Advice & The Questions To Ask

In my private practice, I teach my clients the questions they need to be asking themselves so they can make the right decisions for their financial future. Today, I want to spend some time with you explaining a very hot topic—the differences between different kinds of investors.   In the world of investing, there are […]

I Don’t Pay Brokerage Fees . . . Hmmm . . . Really?

One of the things I do when I meet with both new or existing clients is to look at the critical facts concerning their financial investment decisions. Critical means something significant, factual, important and relative that they must understand before making a financial decision such as taxes, fees, costs, risk, or a myth or a […]