Generic Ketchup, It’s Not All That Bad

I had a nice couple come into my office last week, let’s call them Steven and Denise, who are seeking advice regarding the best moves to secure their money. Steve is a successful self-employed builder here on the Cape and Denise helps Steve with their business. They are in their late 50s and remind me […]

The “Blood, Sweat & Tears” Era For Investors

I’ve often heard the stock market being compared to a roller coaster. It goes up; it goes down. It twists and it turns. It even can make you sick to your stomach sometimes. All of this is true. But my issue with that comparison is that a roller coaster always returns to where it started. […]

Before Thunder, There’s Lightning

A few weeks back, a Cutter Family Finance faithful, let’s call him John, reached out to me via e-mail. The gist of John’s e-mail was to defend his outdated investment strategy. He admitted to me that he has no downside risk management triggers in place, (which you all know I believe are necessary). He also […]

Just Give Me The Facts

Jill and I went to Aruba last week, no kids. As much as I love my girls, it is nice to get away. We flew JetBlue. I rarely watch television at home—Jill tells me it is because I have a hard time sitting still; she is probably right. So, the free TV combined with a […]

Fiduciary Standard Expansion Law

Last week I wrote about the difference between the fiduciary standard and the suitability standard. I explained that brokers and brokerage houses are only required to give advice that is “suitable” for investors whereas Registered Investment Advisors (RIA) and Investment Advisor Representatives (IAR) are required to act in an investor’s “best interest.”   If you […]

Stop Fracking Around

I don’t know anyone who likes volatility in the markets. Currently, people are worried about the recent free-fall in oil prices and the plunge in bond yields to below zero percent in the Eurozone and Japan. Last week, Swiss authorities allowed the Swiss franc to float freely to the Euro. This surprise move caused the […]