Smooth Seas Never Made Skillful Sailors

Times of market volatility demand a careful strategy that’s driven by understanding risk and long-term goals, not by reacting emotionally.

What One Needs To Know About The ‘Markets’

Jeff ends his articles each week with the instruction to “be vigilant and stay alert.” I agree that it is critical for all of us to be attentive to not only our personal finances, but the financial world in general. How do we do that? Usually, we listen to the news. So, it is important […]

Financial Strategy… Not By The Seat Of My Pants

Some folks can fly by the seat of their pants and do just fine in life. But for most of us, if we do not have a plan, well, we just fail. I have a plan for everything I do. And for each plan, I have a strategy to implement it.   Even when I […]